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Centennial business house - a well calculated business decision

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Centennial business house - a well calculated business decision



The building renovation and extension project was finalised by architectural bureau Allianss Arhitektid. The authors of the project area Indrek Tiigi and Matthias Klitzch.                                               

As a result of renovation, an energy efficient business building of highest quality will be finished. The building’s solutions ensure a healthy work environment and lower utilities which mean in turn healthy employees, their better ability for concentration and the company’s more successful business activities.

Total area: 7936,4 m²  
Bureau / service surface in the total: 6 881 m²
Floors: on the ground 7/4 floors, plinth floor
Architect: Allianss Arhitects Indrek Tiigi, Matthias Klitzsch
Constructor: Fund Ehitus OÜ
Developer: Mornington Endla OÜ
time of finalisation: 2015 December

› lobby with a spacious atrium and lots of light, with access by a parade staircase in front of the building
› jointly used roof terrace with superb city views on the 5th floor
› employees’ car park in the courtyard, customers’’ car park in front of the house and on Lõkke Street
› possibility for charging electric car in the car park
› bicycle park and washing possibilities
› 4 lifts make the waiting time minimal also at the day’s most active time
› 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor open floor surface is ca 1200 m², so that you can have a larger bureau comfortably on one floor
› open plan, high ceilings and rooms with lots of light provide efficiency n plans and sufficient daylight for each workplace
› the position of technical systems enables to change the spatial solutions, to use the bureau both as an open office and as cabinets

Architect Indrek Tiigi has described Centennial conception in this manner:
on the building’s 1st floor, a spacious entrance and division zone has been planned. This representative zone that ties also the different floors into a visually unitary room opens with its big glass facade to Endla Street.

› on the 1st floor, rental surfaces for bureaus and possible service institutions. The 1st floor suits perfectly for service halls – separate entrance from Lõkke Street.
› on floors 2....7 surfaces for bureau institutions. When planning the floors, simplicity, logics and flexibility for possible changes have been considered.
› on the 7th floor, an exclusive bureau surface with a view to the Old Town, the surface has own ventilation system, sun protection systems of horizontal external venetian blinds that can be automatically regulated and big roof terraces with container furbishing. 
› on the plinth floor, a lunch dining place, service surfaces and a shower and dressing room have been planned for the tenants. Technical rooms servicing the building have been also planned here. The plinth floor is equipped with relatively large window surfaces that create rooms with reasonably natural light.

In the car park by Lõkke St there is 1 parking place for a disabled person and on the parking area by the yard, by the middle entrance, there is also 1 parking place for a disabled person.
The building has been planned, considering the access of disabled people to all rooms.


The parking of employees in the yard, guest parking places in front of the main entrance and on Lõkke Street. Close y a parking place can be found also on a paid parking area and in Europark, Ühisteenuste and Citypark car parks with a month card. Cyclists can leave their bike to the cycle park in front of the main entrance. For sporty cyclists, there are dressing and shower rooms in Centennial.

Car parks

› Ühisteenused: Suur-Ameerika 14 (4 min), Suur-Ameerika 33 (4 min), Pärnu mnt 44 (9 min).
› Europark: Toom-Kuninga 17 (4 min).
› Citypark: Endla 8 (1 min), Toompuiestee 15 (7 min), Pärnu mnt 41 (9 min).



The work of the building’s indoor climate and technical systems is controleld with modern building automatics.

Heating system

The building has district heating. The monitoring of the heating system is according to outdoor temperature. The building has low temperature radiator heating.
Regulation of the radiator heating’s heat release functions with the help of heating/cooling room controllers in bureau, business and dining rooms and also with power-operated valves.


The building has central ventilation devices that are located in the technical rooms of the plinth floor and the 7th floor (separate ventilation for a master kitchen and 7th floor bureau). Also exhaust systems for WC-s, lifts. No smoking rooms have been set. 
Air exchange on the bureau surfaces has been estimated for 2l/s, m² or 10l/s, people.
Monitoring of systems by floors and also on the different sun capacity on the northwest and southeast façade. The system is request based (monitored by the level of CO² in the air), separate indicating metres in meeting rooms.


The building has water cooling system with free cooling meaning that in winter electricity needn’t be used for cooling the rooms, the cold air outside is being used. Room devices are cooling logs, ensuring the best indoor climate. To rooms with large need of cooling,  fan-coils are installed. 
For cooling server and cabinet room, freon cooling devices have been planned.

Water supply and sewerage

Utility-drinking water from the city’s water supply system. Warm water in the heat assembly. The entire building is equipped with fire fighting crane system.
Each separate bureau surface has distant control watermetres.
Effective water devices reduce significantly water consumption. For fast detection of possible water slips, a slip detection system is installed.


Considering the heightened requirements for the building’s energy efficiency, distant control central automatics system is used in the building. The systems to be automatised: ventilation, heating, cooling, electricity and full cost monitoring: electricity, heat and water.
The room automatics avoids the simultaneous working of heating and cooling in one and the same room. 
The rooms’ indoor climate can be monitored and set through the building automatics system both by the user and from the room controller panel and on a web basis from the administrator.

Electricity supply

Each rental surface is equipped with a switchboard that is located in a separate room with the weak-current devices’ rack-closet and the possible UPS-device. No central UPS systems are set to this building. In the switchboards of each rental surface, there are sections where the tenant can connect an UPS device. UPS-s do not belong to the standard equipment of the rental surface to be built by the landlord.

The rental surface’ two-phase commercial electricity metres are located in the division centres of the floors.
The electricity metres to be connected with the building automatics are provided for big KVVJK systems and lit advertisements. Te electricity metres are equipped with a programme watch and distant control possibilities and connected then with the building automatics. 
On business and bureau surfaces workplaces, mainly electric jack posts reaching from the floor to cable ladders are used. Each workplace has been prescribed 6 strong current (of which 2 with UPS-capacity) + 2 weak current „NV" jacks. In secretary workplaces and in the meeting rooms, 6TV+2NV jacks. To meeting rooms, floor boxes have been set with strong current jacks and weak current jack boxes. To the wall by floor boxes protective pipes are installed (separate for weak and strong current cables).
The calculated thickness of workplaces on bureau surface is 1 workplace for every 10 m² floor surface. Centennial has the possibility to connect the systems on the rental surface with the power supply guaranteed by diesel generator. The system is able to restore the power max during 1 minute after electricity blackout.


Outdoor and general area lighting with LED lighting fittings. The fittings are connected with the building automatics and monitored by a time programme and indicating metres at the presence.
Office area lighting with standard solution high frequency T5-lighting fittings.
the rental surfaces’ main lighting with fluorescent lamp lighting fittings that can be hanged and that provide light from the ends and up-down ensuring low darkness at the workplaces (computer screen, work desk). There are also LED downlights. Monitoring of the rental surfaces’ lighting fittings is solved as small groups considering BREEAM requirements (in case of main lighting fittings 4 fittings - ca 4 workplaces). 
In case of fluorescent lamps, generally A2 energy class high frequency (> 30 kHz, BREAAM requirement) lighting fittings with electronic ballast are used.

Weak current

The building has analogue-addressable automatic fire alarm signalisation system (AFS) encompassing commercial surfaces and general areas with the sending of fire notice to the rescue centre.
The central unit is installed by the building’s administrator. Sensor type is selected according to the purpose of the room  so that reaction to a fire would be quick and the chance for false alarms minimal. Optical smoke detectors are generally used.

Communication installation

Telia optical cable and Telia copper cable will be installed to Centennial business building. 
The data network of the bureau surfaces are according to the cat.6 criteria. To the floors/rental surfaces, device cabinets are installed where the consumers are connected. Each workplace will have one two-place 2xRJ45 jack as a subscriber socket for computer and telephone communication. To secretary workplaces the communication supply is meant in double capacity (2x2xRJ45). To the meeting rooms, one workplace equipment is foreseen. To the meeting rooms, also 2xRJ45 for an LCD screen.
Weak and strong current active devices are installed and purchased by the tenant.

Security signalisation, access system and video monitoring
Security signalisation integrated with the access system is installed to the building. 
The access system restricts the access of employees and guests to zones of different safety according to the persons’ rights.
The studs panels of the customer lift floor choice are designed to a unitary system with the building’s access system, i.e. selection of floor is possible with a door card.

The building perimetre, entrances, foyer and car park are equipped with video surveillance network cameras.

Other equipment

For bureau and business surfaces post-boxes will be installed by the building entrance. The tenant of the bureau and business surface will find all the furnishings of the surface (furniture etc) and equipment. Close by 20 different public transport stops, thus quick and comfortable access from every district.



City Tallinn
District Kesklinn
Street Endla
House no. 15
a well calculated business decision

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Endla 15 1 1014 10 695
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    [id] => 276221
    [floor_nr] => 1
    [apartment_nr] => 
    [nr_rooms] => 
    [area_size] => 1014
    [land_size] => 5271
    [cadastral_number] => O:8:"stdClass":1:{s:15:"cadastralNumber";s:14:"78401:109:0310";}
    [street] => Endla
    [house_nr] => 15
    [cache] => avis
    [booked_until] => 
    [transaction_price] => 10694.5
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