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Hildingi - A unique farmstead complex from 1919

Sales info: Annika Laur
Sales info: Siiri Sternfeld
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Hildingi - A unique farmstead complex from 1919



This ancient farmstead complex, built mainly of field stone, is in E-cultural heritage, marked so by Open Air Museum.
The 1,7 ha registered immovable, bordered by about 100-year-old spruce hedge, includes six buildings, built in 1919-1938.

The dwelling house (barn dwelling) has been built in 1925 of milled timber and field stones.
In the timber part, there is a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, the field stone building part has a 180 m² room, for organising events for example.
In the living room, a fireplace with hot wall, in the kitchen, a big open fireplace and a firestone stove-oven.
A lot of initial materials and furnishing elements have been preserved.
Warm water from boiler, WC.

Field stone sauna house (93 m²) has been totally renovated from a former lairage building. Construction year 1925.
Timber and stone materials have been used in finishing, also from the beginning of the century. On the groundfloor-first floor of the sauna house, there is a steam and washing room, a big antechamber with a fireplace and two sleeping chambers; all rooms with separate entrance. Limestone staircase leads to the second floor of the sauna house with sleeping places.
From big spacious glass doors to limestone covered terrace.
Sauna has a new reed roof.

The granary building (106,2 m²) has been constructed in 1919-1921. The building’s I part is of sawn logs; II part of round logs.
Roof cover eternit.
Four separate entrances.
Suitable apartment for accommodating guests or storing things.

Shed-drier (105 m²) from 1938.
A field stone building, two entrances from big two-sided doors, a building with windows. High gable roof. Suitable for a utility building or can be adjusted as a separate dwelling house.
The aforementioned buildings are northeast-southwest oriented or southeast-northwest oriented and form a closed farmyard that is surrounded from each side by one building.

All buildings have removed soil floor, covered with crushed stone, insulated and cast into concrete.
The dwelling house limestone part has underfloor water heating pipeline with readiness for ground source heating.

Registered immovable includes also one granary building of ca 100 m² and a small house for guests (10 m²), that hasn’t initially belonged to Hildingu farmstead complex but that also originates from the beginning of the 19th century and has been brought from Läänemaa.
The granary building is of sawn timber, with a high original gable roof with stone cover. Floors insulated and with timber.
The small house is also of sawn timber and with straw roof.
All buildings have electrical capacity and readiness for water (water pipeline available).

This unique farmstead complex suits for a bigger family for year-round living and also superbly for organising events, after some smaller adjustments.
The entire territory has video surveillance and the buildings undergo security firm control.

Lihula 5 km away
Virtsu 20 km
Pärnu and Haapsalu 60 km
Kuressaare 100 km
Tallinn 115 km



City Lihula vald
District Petaaluse küla
Street Hildingu

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