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Bulgaria is often selected for a place of vocation not only by those who want to spend time and enjoy cheap beach pleasures, but also by those who are interested in culture, historical and archeological places and natural wonders.

Family vocation in Bulgaria by the Black Sea is a good choice, which is even better due to the cheap price of services and products. Bulgaria entices with its mild mountainous climate, smelling pine forests gold fine-grained sand beaches and the quiet emerald tone Black Sea, the saltiness of which is twice smaller than in the Mediterranean.

The best resorts of the Black Sea offer calm recreation possibilities that fit the budget for different tastes. Those who prefer active vocation, can try all sorts of water sports, but you can also try riding and bowling. Those who are interested in night life, find various pleasures in Bulgarian resorts: there are many night clubs, bars, casinos and several places for entertainment.



We offer real estate in the following places: Bugas, Varna, Sunny Beach, Sozpol, Nesseber, Ahtopol, Primorsko, Golden Sand, Albena, Balchik, Kavarna, Pomorie, Sveti Vlas.

Why Arco Vara?

You can order an introductory tour, which includes the following:

1. meeting at the airport. Transport to hotel.

2. explanation of programme with our consultant in Bulgaria

3. Review of real estate projects (3-4 days)

5. evening programme

6. Transport to airport.

Paying of travel costs

If a client purchases real estate starting from 55,000 euros, the travel costs will be compensated with up to 800 euros. 

If a client purchases real estate in the sum of 30,000 to 55,000 euros, the compensation will be up to 400 euros.

If a client purchases real estate for up to 30,000 euros, the transport to hotel and back as well as internal travel costs will be compensated.

Transaction costs and fees

Purchase costs up to 4-5% of the property price.

When selling real estate, you do not need to pay taxes, if the apartment was owned by the seller for more than 1 year.

When renting an apartment, private persons need to pay up to 10% of the rental income for taxes.

The apartment owner must pay 100-150 euros a year, to which utilities are added.

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Burgas is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria, where more than 230,000 people live. The city is located by the Black Sea, 400 km from the capital Sofia. The Black Sea influences the climate. The average summer temperature is 26,4 C, average water temperature 24,4 C.  In summer, Burgas becomes a festival centre that draws people from all over the world. 


Varna is the nicest harbor city of Bulgaria, where the navy headquarters of the country is located. The city has many architectural pearls. Varna city was inhabited 570 years BC. The city is surrounded by seaside gardens, lakes, fruit trees, wine orchards and forest shrubs. The city has many well-preserved churches. It is also the only international cruise ship landing point in Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach

Sunny beach is the largest resort by the Balck Sea. The sand beach here extends for 6 km. Sport activities are the main focus here. Water sports include sailing boats, surfing boards, scouters. Tennis courts and riding courts are also acclaimed. A lot of attention is turned to the leisure time of children. 


Sozopol is an ancient resort town 35 km south from Burgas. The city is divided into an old part and a new town on a peninsula. The Old Town boasts with its historical sites, crooked paved gates, ancient churches, traditional buildings, a nice park and fish harbor. You will find a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars here that are located on a cliffy coast with a panoramic view. Sozopol has several sand beaches that are farmed by cliffy capes. Thanks to the atmosphere, the town draws together writers, painters, actors, poets and other creative people.


Nessebar is a museum town included in UNESCO world heritage list that is located only some kilometres from the Sunny Beachi resort. Nessebar entices its guests with its specific architecture and romantic atmosphere. The houses are very low, because in the Turkish reign, Bulgarians had to base the house length on the person’s length sitting at a horse. In order to get to know local food and culture, Bulgarian national evenings are held to introduce the folklore, food culture and handicrafts.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is Bulgaria’s most well-known and popular place of recreation. The sand beach with fine-grained sand is 3,5 km long. Sea water is clean and transparent. The town has been acknowledged as the cleanest resort of the state and has been awarded the international blue flag label for preserving ecological cleanliness. The green parks and beaches here make Golden Sands a comfortable recreation point. It is a lively resort that makes it especially attractive among youngsters. Average summer air temperature is up to 27 degrees, water temperature is around 24-25 degrees. 

Offer of the month!


Golden Hermes an exclusive complex of apartments on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in Sunny Beach, built in the exquisite style of the French neoclassical baroque. The complex is the perfect combination of a place for year-round use and a vacation home on the seaside. Golden Hermes features the maximum functionality, offering all its inhabitants the following amenities: a swimming pool with heating and a children’s section, a beautiful garden, an antique gazebo, a fountain, luxurious elevators and romantic night lighting that highlights the architectural style of the project and the elite status of the complex.