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Kvissentali residential area - Exclusive residential registered immovables by River Emajõgi

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Sales info: Janika Toots
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Kvissentali residential area - Exclusive residential registered immovables by River Emajõgi



In the last years, Kvissentali dwelling area has appeared to the naturally beautiful area by River Emajõgi in Tartu town, being a suitable living environment for those who would like to have a nice home within a stone’s throw from Tartu city centre, but also away from street noise in a luxuriously planned environment. This is assisted by thought through infrastructure solutions, architectural building rules by streets and the naturally beautiful Emajõgi. This dwelling area directly by the river shore has nice high furbishing; advantages are also the river shore that has been set into order and specially designed street and recreation areas. This area is connected by 14 long naturally beautiful cycle and pedestrian track that passes Amme Jõe recreation area and reaches the health tracks of Lähte.

Kvissentali dwelling area is a compact living environment, the completion of which has been planned in two stages. Now, plots can be bought in the first stage to be finalised in spring 2015 - summer 2016. All plots will be equipped with central communication accession points; all streets within the area will be covered with asphalt, lighted (modern design led-lighting fittings), covered with furbishing (pine, linden) and decorated with benches and other things necessary.

On the left shore of Emajõgi, in the northern side of Tartu 29 residential plots are for sale. The plots are unimproved. The allowed max area occupied by construction works of a single dwelling is between 270-450 m². In case of single dwellings, the building type has been established depending on the location taking into account the architectural requirements of milieu groups as set in the detailed plan. The number of max floors is two. The second floor capacity has to form at least 50% of the building’s area occupied by construction works. The solution prescribes open green areas set into order with children’s playgrounds.

The residential plots are spacious and the area between 1240 - 2450 m². The max area occupied by construction works of a single dwelling is 270 - 450 m². The sales price includes accession to communications: electricity, water, sewerage, gas, communications. Street lighting has been set, streets with asphalt, high furbishing, benches and more.

Building of infrastructure is undergoing, work period August 2015 - June 2016

Kvissentali residences is a right choice for you if you would like to find peace and devote your time to the most important – family. You can create your dream home to a private naturally beautiful environment that is located only within 4 minute car ride from Tartu Old Town.

AREA ACCLAIMED BY CLIENTS – is located only within 4 minutes from Tartu Old Town
THOUGHT THROUGH SOLUTIONS – joint building rules, acclaimed architects
ON A RIVER SHORE – high furbishing, green areas in order, swimming beach, boat mooring, shore paths
SAFE LIVING ENVIRONMENT – away from major traffic, mainly residential buildings, child-friendly living environment
GOOD POSSIBILITIES FOR SPORTING AND SPENDING FREE TIME – tennis, cycling, running (14 km cycle and pedestrian track up to Lähte), water sports, fishing

Building and architecture


Building plan



  • With Kvissentali building plan, the quarter is given complete architectural rules that ensure representative, friendly and quality street space and complete architectural identity.
  • The building plan has been compiled only for a half of the detailed plan, to the 1st and 2nd stage (yellow and light-blue on the above drawing).
  • The building plan rules describe the architectural criteria following the detailed plan; if there is non-conformity between the building plan and the detailed plan, then the building plan rules shall be followed from. Link to the main drawing of the detailed plan. Link to the explanatory letter of the detailed plan. Link to the drawing of the stages of the detailed plan.
  • In the entire building area, roof ridge may be 0-15 degrees. On proportionally smaller building parts, the roof ridge can be also bigger; round roof and other roof types may be used.
  • Classic gable roofs are forbidden.
  • The building’s max height is 8.5 metres from the ground (both in case of ridge and parapet solution).
  • The building’s main capacity has to be on the obligatory construction line.
  • Canopies and terraces can extend up to 3 metres ahead of the obligatory construction line.
  • Terraces, parking areas and small forms can be created outside of the detailed plan building area, from neighbour’s plot border up to 1 metre away, in case of neighbour’s written consent up to the plot border.
  • Colour rules and usage of materials
  • Colour rules have been established in the dwelling area (colour code for each house).
  • To ensure complete result, the building’s external finishing material has to be covered with the colour tone prescribed in the colour table at least in the extent of 20% of the building’s external wall surface (the building plan sets no restrictions on the position of the colour tone on the building).
  • The material usage in the building’s has to be high quality and representative.
  • Timber, veneer, shingle, brick, concrete, rendering, quality metal materials (stainless steel, aluminium etc), quality façade plates (burnt clay plates etc), quality artificial materials and other high quality representative materials are allowed.
  • As façade material, the usage of trapezoidal fluted sheet and roughly trimmed stones is forbidden.
  • As roof material and façade material the use of steel with stone imitation is forbidden.
  • NCS colour system codes on plots (table in the files).
  • Furbishing, gardens and small forms
  • The street furbishing conception (the precise location of alleys, number of trees etc) can be changed with a complete landscape architecture project. The amount of green areas is not allowed to be significantly reduced.
  • All complete building areas are surrounded by hedges. Each quarter is surrounded by one particular hedge plant that creates a unitary look and helps to orientate in the urban town (the precise class is set when building the first quarter house).
  • The height of fences may be 1.2 – 1.4 metres from the ground.
  • The plot borders between the apartment houses have to be with a timber or metal fence (a timber fence with metal posts is also suitable). In private houses quarters, both timber, stone and metal fences are allowed. The design solution of timber and metal fence is free and to be decided by the architect-owner.
  • Vehicle’s and foot gates have to be of timber or metal similarly to the plots’ bordering fences.
  • The rules of acclaimed architects
  • In quarter No 5, only acclaimed Estonian architects can design the buildings.
  • Acclaimed architects are these architects who have achieved an award of prize (1, 2, 3 prize or a purchase bonus) at least in three public architectural competitions. Also such well known Estonian names as Lapin, Künnapu ja Padrik, Alver, Okas ja Lõoke, Muru, Pere, Raine Karp, Andres Herkel can build to the plots. The contracting entity in cooperation with the city architect reserves the right to make exclusions in ensuring sufficient architectural quality.





City Tartu
Street Kvissentali
Exclusive residential registered immovables by River Emajõgi




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Address Cadastral nr. M2 Plan Price Status Comment
Meruski 26 79501:002:0226 1 585.00 - sold
Meruski 24 79501:002:0224 1 498.00 open plan
53 900 available
Meruski 29. 79501:002:0229 1 961.00 open plan
196 000 available
Meruski 17 79501:002:0217 1 546.00 open plan
61 900 available
Meruski 11 79501:002:0213 1 355.00 - sold
Hauskari 5 79501:002:0186 1 315.00 - sold
Hauskari 7 79501:002:0188 1 305.00 - sold
Meruski 20 79501:002:0219 1 546.00 open plan
49 900 available
Meruski 28 79501:002:0228 1 606.00 open plan
57 900 available
Riistapuu 13. 79501:002:0246 1 425.00 - sold
Riistapuu 7 79501:002:0241 1 242.00 - sold
Meruski 36 79501:002:0236 1 664.00 open plan
77 900 available
Meruski 25 79501:002:0225 1 329.00 open plan
65 900 available
Meruski 30 79501:002:0230 1 662.00 open plan
60 900 available
Meruski 32 79501:002:0232 1 807.00 open plan
64 900 available
Meruski 34 79501:002:0234 1 445.00 open plan
69 900 available
Meruski 15 79501:022:0216 1 550.00 open plan
- sold
Meruski 23. 79501:002:0223 1 355.00 open plan
63 900 available
Meruski 22 79501:002:0222 1 560.00 open plan
51 900 available
Riistapuu 15 79501:002:0247 1 425.00 open plan
- sold
Hauskari 3. 79501:002:0184 1 540.00 open plan
49 900 available
Meruski 33 79501:002:0233 1 427.00 open plan
142 700 available
Riistapuu 11. 79501:002:0245 1 403.00 open plan
- sold
Hauskari 9 79501:002:0190 1 255.00 open plan
- sold
Meruski 27. 79501:002:0227 1 428.00 open plan
- sold
Riistapuu 8 79501:002:0242 1 337.00 open plan
- sold
Riistapuu 23 79501:002:0251 1 305.00 - sold
Riistapuu 21 79501:002:0250 1 334.00 open plan
- sold
Riistapuu 5 79501:002:0239 1 238.00 - sold
Meruski 13. 79501:002:0215 1 499.00 - sold
Riistapuu 19 79501:002:0249 1 367.00 - sold
Kvissentali põik 8. 79501:002:0210 1 421.00 - sold
Meruski 35 79501:002:0235 1 364.00 - sold
Hauskari 1 79501:002:0182 1 661.00 open plan
- sold
Kvissentali põik 10 79501:002:0211 2 447.00 - sold
Riistapuu 17. 79501:002:0248 1 309.00 - sold
Riistapuu 10 79501:002:0244 1 422.00 - sold
Riistapuu 9 79501:002:0243 1 257.00 open plan
- sold


Project info

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