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N116 business building in Kadriorg - ENTIRE BUILDING RESERVED

Sales info: Kaarel Paap
Sales info: Tanel Viik
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N116 business building in Kadriorg - ENTIRE BUILDING RESERVED



A commercial building with a perfect location next to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

  • Plot area 1104 m²
  • Gross floor area ca 1130 m², net internal area ca 830 m²'
  • Parking is free on the streets by the building since the  building is located outside the paid parking zone of Tallinn

The building is located within a six-minute car ride from Tallinn City Centre and the Old Town. The closest streets are Narva maantee and Pirita tee. Besides,  Reidi road will also be soon finished which will make the traffic smoother. Within a short walk one can find Pirita promenade, Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and the gorgeous Kadriorg Palace with Japanese Garden.

  • Airport 5 km
  • Ülemiste City 5 km
  • Ülemiste centre 4 km
  • Old Town 3 km
  • City Centre 2,5 km
  • Port 2,5 km
  • Central railway station "Balti jaam" 4 km
  • Pirita yacht harbour 4 km
  • Kadriorg park 200 m


Why choose Narva hwy 116?

  • The building has four floors above ground and one basement floor
  • The building has an elevator
  • Smart building technology – heating, cooling, ventilation controlled from a mobile device
  • Six parking places on the basement floor and ten places outside
  • Facade from beige dolomite
  • Weather-proof flat roof
  • Ventilation with heat recovery and cooling
  • Underfloor water heating (heated by gas)
  • Triple-glazed wood-alumunium windows, height 2,6 m
  • Ceiling height  2,95 m
  • Flooring choices are parquet, tiles or carpet
  • Video surveillance
  • Energy efficiency class B


The building's selling price is 2,825,000 € + VAT*
*The price includes parking places


The building will be finished in first half of  2018.



Sales prices

Floor Area, m² Price per m2, €/m² Total price, €
0 68,9 2 800 192 920
I* 80,9 3 550 287 195
I 107,1 3 450 369 495
II* 83,4 3 550 296 070
II 107,1 3 450 369 495
III* 83,4 3 550 296 070
III 107,1 3 450 369 495
IV* 83,4 3 700 308 580
IV 107,1 3 600 385 560

*Premises with a sea view

VAT to be added to prices


Rental prices

Floor Area, m² Price per m², €/m² Rent, €
0 68,9 15,43 1 063
1* 80,9 19,50 1 578
1 107,1 18,95 2 030
2* 83,4 19,50 1 626
2 107,1 18,95 2 030
3* 83,4 19,50 1 626
3 107,1 18,95 2 030
4* 83,4 20,30 1 693
4 107,1 19,76 2 116

*Premises with a sea view

VAT to be added to prices



The four-storey commercial building, being under construction, is located at the crossroads of Narva maantee and Oru street. To the south of the building, on the neighbouring plot, a four-storey apartment building with eight apartments will be constructed.

Pedestrian and car access to both plots has been designed from Oru street. A shared driveway  allows access to both buildings' underground car parks. 

There are six parking places in  the car park on the basement floor and ten places outside the building along Narva maantee

There is a free parking on the street by the building since the  building is located outside the paid parking zone of Tallinn.

Due to the location, the architectural solutions are designed with respect to the historical milieu of Kadriorg. All facade materials correspond to contemporary requirements and only high quality materials are used in both external and internal finishing.

The choice of such facade materials as beige dolomite and glass resonates with a  modern minimalist style. A steel metal fence on top of a retaining wall will be bordering the plot.

Windows have been designed high to emphasise the verticality of the building.

First floor

Entrance to first floor commercial space is designed through the main entrance on the side of Oru street. This premises can be merged with the one on the basement floor by creating an internal staircase. The main staircase that will be used as the main entrance ensures access also to the other business premises on higher floors. It is made of reinforced concrete and has grey granite stair treads.

From the staircase hall with an elevator one can access the open plan offices with private toilet rooms and possibilities for kitchen corners.

Second, third and fourth floor

The second, third and fourth floors are identical. There are two open plan premises with private toilet rooms and possibilities for kitchen corners on each floor. One of them is facing Narva maantee and the other one the backyard. The building occupants and guests can use either the staircase or the elevator to access the premises.

The staircase part of the facade is made of glass ensuring transparency and lots of light to the main entrance of the  building.



City Tallinn
District Kadriorg
Street Narva maantee
House no. 116




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Apartment no. Address Floor Rooms M2 Price Status Comment
Narva maantee 116 188 783 334
stdClass Object
    [id] => 273144
    [floor_nr] => 
    [apartment_nr] => 
    [nr_rooms] => 
    [area_size] => 188
    [land_size] => 1104
    [cadastral_number] => O:8:"stdClass":1:{s:15:"cadastralNumber";s:14:"78401:115:3780";}
    [street] => Narva maantee
    [house_nr] => 116
    [cache] => avis
    [booked_until] => 
    [info_plans] => {"_":"https:\/\/\/web\/avis\/object?p_p_id=relatedfiles_WAR_relatedfilesportlet&p_p_lifecycle=2&a=v&uuid=1b9e16e3-3799-4b8a-a333-817c05dc7ea6&v=1&t=1527326365379","title_et":"","title_en":"","title_fi":"","title_ru":"","floor":0,"format":"","size":882}
    [transaction_price] => 783334
    [is_booked] =>