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Peetrikodu - Surrounded by nature

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Peetrikodu - Surrounded by nature



If you are looking for a peaceful neighbourhood away from the downtown fuss, but still very close to the city, Peetri Town is just the right place.

Peetri Town features one of the largest population numbers in Estonia. The semi-detached residences are located in the vicinity of Tallinn, in Peetri Town, on Street Tähnase põik which has little traffic. 

The town accommodates the supermarket Peetri Selver and Peetri Nursery & Basic School which features a stadium and sports centre. The new Aruheina Nursery for 180 children is under construction.

Thanks to the renewed Ülemiste junction and the four-lane Tartu Highway, it only takes 5-10 minutes to get from Peetri Town to Tallinn City Centre. In addition, public transport is conveniently at your disposal - the bus stop is at a distance of 800m.

The apartments in the building are laid out in accordance with the cardinal directions. Thus, balconies and terraces face the sunny south.

The building under construction will accommodate four semi-detached two-storey residences. 

The first floor features an open living room with a kitchen corner, WC, entrance hall, garage and utility room, and the second floor features a washing room, sauna, and bedrooms.  

In addition to the garage, the parking lot in front of the building includes one parking space for each apartment. 

The apartments are sold as "white boxes" (i.e. only basecoated) allowing the buyer to choose the interior finishing solutions.

The planned energy efficiency category of the building is C.



Support structures

The exterior and supporting walls of the planned building are made of concrete elements. 

Roofs, ceilings

The attic ceiling is insulated using mineral wool with a thickness of 300mm. 

Partition walls

Partition walls are made of 150mm thick FIBO blocks, and the partition wall between apartments is made of 250mm thick FIBO5 covered with  mortar.

Interior architecture

Interior walls are roughcasted, plastered and painted (basecoat) and the floors are made of concrete.

Roofs, ceilings

The garage/household section of the residence features a low slope roof surrounded by a low parapet. The roofing materials include steel and bitumen roll. The roof support structure is made of hollow panels and wooden rafters.

The roof panels are covered with vapour insulation. The roof is insulated using mineral wool boards and bulk mineral wool.  The slope of the roof is formed using mineral wool boards. 

The roof support structure is made up of wooden rafters.

Supporting ceilings

The supporting ceilings of the semi-detached residences are made of monolith concrete slabs and hollow panels. The roof support structure is made of hollow panels.

The second floor panels are covered with vapour barrier and mineral wool boards.


The floors are made of concrete.



The utility room of each apartment will be equipped with a gas boiler.

The apartment is heated using the gas boiler. The heating water flows into the under-floor heating pipes on the first and second floor. The under-floor heating pipes are cast in concrete. The temperature in the living area can be adjusted separately in each room.

Optionally, a gas stove using gas from the municipal utility line can be installed subject to the approval of the developer.


The building will be equipped with pre-heated mechanical ventilation. The central ventilation machine is installed in the utility room. The supply and extraction ducts

start from the utility room and extend across the building. 

Water supply and sewage

The plot's water supply and sewage systems connect to the municipal system and a connection agreement has been made with AS Elveso.

Each apartment will be equipped with water meters installed in the utility room.  


The electrical cabinet for grid connection is installed at the plot border facing Street Kraavipealse according to the technical specifications prescribed by Elektrilevi OÜ. 


The plot is equipped with a communications cable owned by Elion Ettevõtted AS.



City Rae vald
District Peetri
Street Tähnase põik
House no. 14
Surrounded by nature


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Apartment no. Address Floor Rooms M2 Price Status Comment
1 Tähnase põik 14 4 146.6 -
stdClass Object
    [id] => 260504
    [floor_nr] => 
    [apartment_nr] => 1
    [nr_rooms] => 4
    [area_size] => 146.6
    [land_size] => 0
    [cadastral_number] => O:8:"stdClass":1:{s:15:"cadastralNumber";s:14:"65301:002:1769";}
    [street] => Tähnase põik
    [house_nr] => 14
    [cache] => avis
    [booked_until] => 
    [info_balconies] => [{"type":"open"},{"type":"terrace"}]
    [transaction_price] => 250000
    [is_booked] => sold
2 Tähnase põik 14 4 150.30 247 000
stdClass Object
    [id] => 260505
    [floor_nr] => 0
    [broker_id] => 6271972
    [apartment_nr] => 2
    [nr_rooms] => 4
    [area_size] => 150.30
    [transaction_price] => 247000.00
    [is_booked] => 1
    [land_size] => 0.00
    [cadastral_number] => O:8:"stdClass":1:{s:15:"cadastralNumber";s:14:"65301:002:1769";}
    [street] => Tähnase põik
    [house_nr] => 14
    [info_comment] => 
    [info_balconies] => {"balcony":[{"type":"open"},{"type":"terrace"}]}
    [info_plans] => 
    [status_descriptor] => 
    [booked_until] => 2016-10-30
    [cache] => web
Bron. 30.10
4 Tähnase põik 14 4 147.10 250 000
stdClass Object
    [id] => 260902
    [floor_nr] => 0
    [broker_id] => 27521128
    [apartment_nr] => 4
    [nr_rooms] => 4
    [area_size] => 147.10
    [transaction_price] => 250000.00
    [is_booked] => 0
    [land_size] => 0.00
    [cadastral_number] => O:8:"stdClass":1:{s:15:"cadastralNumber";s:14:"65301:002:1769";}
    [street] => Tähnase põik
    [house_nr] => 14
    [info_comment] => 
    [info_balconies] => {"balcony":[{"type":"open"},{"type":"terrace"}]}
    [info_plans] => 
    [status_descriptor] => 
    [booked_until] => 0000-00-00
    [cache] => web

Sales info

The semi-detached residences are sold as individual apartments. Each apartment will enjoy exclusive rights of using a part of the plot in accordance with a notarised arrangement.

The apartments will be completed in f spring 2016 at the latest.


Payment terms: 
10% upon signature of contract (notarised contract of sale under the law of obligations) and 90% once the construction of the apartment has been completed.

The prices exclude interior finishing. The apartments are sold as "white boxes" (i.e. only basecoated). 

Interior finishing solutions can be ordered separately in consultation with the developer.

** - We reserve the right to adjust the price list.

The contract price includes:

connection to the power grid and municipal gas supply

connection fee for water supply and sewage

The contract price excludes:

interior finishing of semi-detached residences 

notary fees and government levies arising from entering into the contract of sale

fee for connecting to the telephone network

fee for connecting to the cable or digital television network


Stages of the sales process:

The apartment can be booked for a period of up to 20 calendar days. During this period, the notarised sales contract under the law of obligations or a real right contract is prepared and signed - depending on the construction phase of the building. The booking fee is EUR 1,000.

Entering into a contract under the law of obligations

The sales contract under the law of obligations is signed within 20 days from the submission of the booking application. Under the said contract of sale, the Client will pay 10% of the total price of the apartment.

Entering into a real right contract

The real right contract will be signed once the construction work has been completed. Upon signing the real right contract, the Client will pay 90% of the total price of the apartment. By signing the real right contract the buyer becomes the owner of the contract object.


Project info

Project type Tallinn