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For sale the building of the Embassy of the Holy See

Sales info: Anna Roostar
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For sale the building of the Embassy of the Holy See


  • The house is in the late Art Nouveau style and an architectural heritage site, built as a luxury villa.
  • In 1925, the building was bought by Augut Reier. In 1930, it was bought by the former Head of State, Jüri Jaakson, who sold it in 1936 to the Embassy of the Holy See. The house was nationalised by Soviet authorities and was home to the news agency APN until the restoration of independence. In 1993, prior to the visit of Pope John Paul II, the building was returned to the Embassy of the Holy See, which has been operating in the residence to this day. During his visit to Estonia, Pope John Paul II stayed in the house for one day.
  • The house is fully enclosed by a fence and at least 3 cars can currently park on the premises, in addition to the garage.
  • The building was renovated in the 1990s. During renovation, an effort was made to preserve and restore as much of the old decor as possible, including the classic ‘fishtail' parquet floor, wall and ceiling ornaments, doors and windows, built-in cupboards and storage areas.
  • The streetside windows of the house offer a view of Luige Pond and Kadriorg Park. The bedroom windows overlook the Old Town of Tallinn.
  • The description of the rooms, completed in 1982 and after 1993, resulted in some changes to room distribution and size, such as on the attic floor and in the cellar, but these are minor and restoration of the previous situation would not require major efforts.
  • The house has a full cellar floor with utility rooms such as the maid's bedroom, laundry room, two-part kitchen, boiler room, two shower rooms and a toilet, and storage areas.
  • The cellar floor also features a garage of 23.8m2. The total cellar area is 135m2.
  • The ground floor has two grand reception halls with areas that can be segmented, if necessary. The floor also hosts 4 separate offices and one living room. Total ground floor area is 213.9m2.
  • The second floor features 3 bedrooms, a stairwell hall, a grand balcony, 3 bathrooms and 3 toilets.
  • The attic floor today holds 3 small bedrooms and a separate shower room and toilet adapted for temporary lodging of distant visitors.
  • The attic has not been developed.



Floors: 2+1
No. of rooms: 11
No. of bathrooms: 4
Date of construction:the 1920s
Condition: ready
Ownership form: improved estate
Estate size: 1340m2
Area under buildings: 297m2
Enclosed net area: 539.4m2
Volume: 2374m3

Price: EUR 1.95 million
Additional information: a building unique and exclusive to Estonia, located next to Luige Pond.



City Tallinn
District Kesklinn
Street Jaan Poska
House no. 47

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Project type Luxury Real Estate