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For sale - apartment Oa 37-10, Supilinn, Tartu linn, Tartu maakond


Booked! Booked until: 2021-03-09
ID: 304321 |
Address: Oa 37-10, Supilinn, Tartu linn, Tartu maakond
Nr. of rooms: 4
Size: 88.30 m²
Energy class: Energy class not set
Transaction type: For sale
Object type: Apartment
Other: Parquet, Windows, Asula vesi, Linnatransport, Naabrivalve, Aiaga piiratud territoorium, Suletud sisehoov, Uus kanalisatsioon, Abihoone, Bathtub, Balcony, Internet, Locked staircase, Shower, Panipaik, Mechanical ventilation, Digital TV, Storeroom, Multi-floor plan
Nr. of floors: 3
Floor: 2
Build year: 2020
Object state: New building
Property type: Apartment ownership
Cadastral number: 79513:002:0008
Parking type: In the yard (free)
Building structure type: Stone
Sewer: Central
Heating: Central district heating

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Price 213 000
Price per m² 2412.2 €
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* The calculation is approximate and may differ from the conditions that you may be offered



Kodukalda block is situated in the beautiful and original Supilinn, a small district on the edge of the Tartu city centre, between the Emajõgi river and Tähtvere. On the one side Kodukalda block is bordered by the Emajõgi river promenade, on the other side by Tähtvere Park and greenery. It is far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city for you to enjoy the forces of nature, but still close enough to be connected to the city centre lifestyle. Kodukalda is located in a strategically superb location, but a walk away are the Tähtvere sports park, song festival grounds and a 9 km long health trail along both sides of the Emajõgi river that begins right next to the houses. This living environment inspires people to move around: enjoy long walks, have picnics in the park, spend time in the open swimming and beach area of the Emajõgi river or in the Tähtvere dendro-park. Schools, kindergartens, shops and the Tartu city centre are but a walk away.
· 0,4 km – Tähtvere sports park
· 0,4 km – Tartu song festival grounds
· 0,5 km – Kroonuaia, Herne and Piiri bus stops
· 1 km – kindergarten
· 1 km – University of Tartu Botanical Garden
· 1 km – Ujula Konsum
· 1,2 km – Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, Tartu Emajõe School
· 1,5 km – Estonian University of Life Sciences
· 2 km – The Townhall square
· 2,5 km – Tasku shopping centre, Kaubamaja shopping centre and the bus station

The four houses, which compose the new Kodukalda block, will be ready by the end of 2020 in the Emajõgi riverside corner of Supilinn with its diverse architecture and rich nature. The com-plex consists of two three-storey pitched roof and two two-storey funk style apartment buildings. There are altogether 30 apartments in the block, you can find loft-style and 1-bedroom apart-ments suitable for college students as well as 2-3 bedroom family apartments which are fun to grow into and create wonderful memories in.
In addition to the public health trails and resting zones there is a grill area and two playgrounds available for the residents of the Kodukalda block. The grill house is equipped with a gas heater, a gas grill and running water. All four buildings are connected to a network of greenways and an easy access to the Emajõgi river promenade as well as Oa street. Each apartment comes with a designated parking lot and a storage space in the courtyard.
Great emphasis has been given to both the exterior and interior quality and designsolutions. The economical class B buildings have 3-glazing wooden windows, water underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating in sanitary spaces and a forced ventilation system with heat recovery.
The interior design packages have a timeless Nordic inspired design and give you the option to choose between three packages. All of this has been created to create long lasting homes which you can enjoy for years to come.
Oa 37 and 39 apartment buildings blend into the architecture of Supilinn, remaining both con-temporary and economic. The three-storey houses have a pitched roof, each apartment features a balcony or a spacious terrace. The larger apartments generally have a two-storey design. Roof windows provide extra lighting on the top floor. All apartments have an open plan kitchen living room. There are apartments suitable for both larger and smaller households.
Oa 41/1 and 41/2 are architecturally modern funk style two-storey buildings where each apart-ment features a balcony or a spacious terrace with a captivating view of the Emajõgi river. Most apartments have a two-storey design. The two larger apartments have a private entry. The rooms are open and filled with light. These apartments are meant for people who prefer to live in a townhouse but highly value the comforts of living in an apartment building.

Last modified: 2021-03-03 13:21:51

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Janika Toots

Janika Toots

Chief Broker

Mobile +372 5347 4076
Telephone +372 744 2218
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Kai Paade

Kai Paade

Chief Broker

Mobile +372 5615 1460
Telephone +372 744 2218

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