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Treiali commercial building - A home for small businesses

Sales info: Priit-Martti Ojari
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Treiali commercial building - A home for small businesses



Treiali 6 business house is a home for such small and medium-sized companies that offer trade/services and need also own warehouse premise besides an office.

Treiali 6 business house is 3- floor building complex, the total area of which is ca 8800 m².

Treiali 6 business house offers:

- Stockoffice premises (30% office + 70% warehouse) in the range of : 120-250 m².

- Stockoffice premises with a total of 10 boxes, total premise 2100 m², warehouse height h = 6,0 m.

- Mini warehouses (h = 3,0 m) between: 8-25 m². Mini warehouses on the II floor 24, on the I floor 30, in cellar 10; total premise 1100 m².

- offices between : 20-70 m². Office premises total of 3- on the l floor, 40 offices; total premise 1610 m².

- Warehouse premises (h = 3,0 m) between : 30-300 m². Warehouses total of 50 on the 0 floor, total premise ca 2500 m².

Additional values for the customer: recreation area (sports hall, recreation room, sauna complex, roof terrace) and a conference room (ca total 350 m²).

Treiali 6 construction was started in October 2016 and is planned to be ready in August / September 2017.



The building is located in the area of Mõigu Tehnopark and is bordered by the small Tallinn roundabout to be built.
the building is visible also from Tartu highway.

In the immediate closeness of Tallinn, Mõigu – Peetri area has developed into the most fast developing area neighbouring Tallinn and into the largest business and industrial area. Several well-known Estonian and international company representations, shops, warehouses and production buildings are established here.
the companies are located mainly close to Tartu hwy and are concentrated mainly on Mõigu, Mõigu Tehnopark and Peetri area.

The advantages of the location-area:

  • Mõigu Tehnopark is the closest compact and well-functioning business area close to Tallinn city centre:

7-10 minute ride from the city centre

2-3 minute ride from the airport

1 km from the city border

  • Very good logistic location – by Tartu hwy a good access is ensured both to Tallinn and Tallinn ring road.
  • Perfect visibility in both directions along Läike road and Tartu hwy.
  • Good infrastructure – new road network and modern communications.
  • The building is bordered by Tallinn small ring road under construction.
  • Good access also with heavy trucks.
  • Modern, developing business area with a good development perspective.



The building has been designed according to a concrete concept which takes into account the needs of small and medium-sized companies.
our customers-tenants are expected to be companies that exchange-store small or medium-sized goods or offer services which require a warm and damp-resistant warehouse premise.


Technical communications – modern, internet, TV and telephone connection with sufficient capacity and quality.
Access –24 h to the building and rooms, with safe comfortable card system.
security, safety – all rooms are equipped with signalization and access-corridors with video surveillance.
Heating – air source heat pumps and gas heating (ensured low heating costs).
Bearing construction – concrete posts and intermediary ceilings of concrete panels.
external wall materials – insulated / rendered Columbia hollow blocks combined with sandwich panels.
Intermediary ceiling height in warehouses – stockoffice in warehouses : 6,0 m; other warehouse rooms : 3,0 m.
Goods lift (2) – measures 2 x 2 m / lift capacity 1500 kg ja 2 x 3 m / loading capacity 2500 kg, can move the goods from EURO pallets also to the groundfloor and 2nd floor warehouses.
Parking – free parking on Treiali tee 6 plot. Number of parking places : 78.

Additional services:

Loading-storing of goods: the building operator can use the lifting technology for loading goods and the equipment for in-house transport-storing. Thus the tenants of Treiali 6 business house do not have the need to rent a warehouse worker and buy the lifting technology.

Services offered on the base of a warehouse hotel: Treiali 6 business house enables issuing and accepting goods based on an agreement with the building operator also without the tenant’s presence. The goods can be issued also by using intermediary storing.

The building tenants can use: sports hall, recreation room, sauna complex, roof terrace, conference room.

Construction started in October 2016 and it will be finished in August / September 2017.

Floor plans



City Rae
District Peetri
Street Läike tee
House no. 15
A home for small businesses