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Öpiku house - representative bureau surfaces for rent in Ülemiste City!

Sales info: Kaarel Paap
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Call: +372 5332 2451

Öpiku house - representative bureau surfaces for rent in Ülemiste City!



The 13-floor representative bureau building that has been named after one of the founders of Estonian astronomy school, Ernst Öpik, opens with a view to the airport, Lake Ülemiste and Tallinn Old Town, having been designed to consider all modern company needs – stylish and representative and also well thought through and effective. This business building suiting nicely to Ülemiste City urban town that supports innovative business will be finished in 2016.

Only the best floors are still available (10.-13.)!



In interior design, the tenant can choose between three standard solutions and find a bureau of suitable size, as the 1256-square metre standard floors can be used both as one big bureau and divided into up to eight separate offices. On the first floor, a spacious foyer for cosy meetings and a cafe for nice lunch, but you can choose also between different other dining places in Ülemiste City. The modern building corresponding to disabled persons’ needs has 6 lifts, enabling quick movement for employees and guests. On the 0-floor, employees’ bicycle park and many parking places for cars, parking places also in the different car parks close to the house.  24/7 entrance.

Öpiku house project corresponds to LEED Gold certificate requirements, ensuring the building’s energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The building has been designed to correspond to B-energy class requirements, keeping heating and cooling costs very low.

The indoor climate can be regulated according to wishes and also by different rooms, if needed.



Ülemiste City is a modern urban town in the direct vicinity of Tallinn air port built to the former territory of Dvigatel factory, with hundreds of innovative companies and different organisations. The aim of the district is to become the biggest knowledge based economic environment in the Baltic States and to grow into 24/7 functioning multifunctional urban town by 2025, connecting 15,000 employees and 5000 residents.



City Tallinn
District Lasnamäe
Street Valukoja
House no. 7
representative bureau surfaces for rent in Ülemiste City!